ABA is short for Applied Behavior Analysis. It is an evidence-based approach that helps us teach new skills and address challenging behaviors your child may have. During each session, your child will work one-on-one with our friendly staff members. Everything we do is individualized to meet your child's unique needs. In order to do this, we pay close attention to your child's behaviors and their progress so we can make adjustments whenever needed. Our aim is to both increase their strengths and help to address skill deficits to improve the quality of life for your child and your family.


Our intake procedure has several steps:*

  • If using Insurance: Receive a referral from a qualified medical specialist for recommendations of ABA therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. 

  • Complete a phone call with the clinical director for an initial interview to determine if we are a good match for your child and your family.  

  • Schedule first face to face meeting with clinical director and IBH staff to meet you and your family to complete an intake questionnaire. This will give us an opportunity to gain information about your child's medical, developmental and educational history.

  • Schedule second face to face meeting with ABA team chosen to match your child's needs and your family's schedule. We will also  begin developmentally appropriate assessments for your child.

  • Submit request for ABA therapy and Initial Treatment Plan based on our assessments (this process can vary based on your insurance company).

  • Obtain Authorization from Insurance for IBH to begin providing ABA therapy.

  • Start ABA treatment in-home and/or at our clinic. 

  • Participate in ongoing parent/caregiver sessions:  Our goal is to empower parents and family members and this includes active participation in parent training and education with our teams to produce more successful outcomes.

    • To ensure we are meeting you and your child's needs, you will attend meetings with the IBH staff who work with your child to discuss their progress, learn parenting strategies, identify future goals, any address concerns you may have.  

    • We also have Parent/Caregiver Groups where you can meet other parents and learn how you can utilize ABA strategies at home. 

* This process varies based upon funding source. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this process. Please contact us​ for more support!


We think Mary Beth Walsh put it best in her  "Top 10 Reasons Your Child Deserves ABA Therapy" which is based on her experiences of ABA for her son with autism.

  1. Because there is more scientific evidence demonstrating that ABA therapy works than there is for any other intervention or treatment for Autism.

  2. Because they are human – The autism spectrum is but a subset of the human spectrum—but it is part of the human spectrum. This is important because behavioral scientists have shown us some basic insights into how humans learn. When we deny the humanity of individuals with autism, we risk denying that they can learn.

  3. Because it will equip you as their parents – 

  4. Because it will help the child learn to sleep through the night and use the bathroom

  5. Because it is the best defense against the tyranny of low expectations –

  6. Because it can teach them the skills necessary to build friendships – 

  7. Because it enables parents and teachers to capitalize on the child’s strengths and preferences –

  8. Because it teaches parents how to respond in the moment – therapists only get a few hours a week with clients, but the parents must spend 24/7 generalizing skills, implementing strategies, and offering consistency. Quality ABA programs teach parents what to do when the therapists and supervisors have to wave goodbye after each session.

  9. Because one day, they will have to survive on their own – .

  10. Because individuals with Autism should be prepared to be their own best advocates – 

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